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Posted 11/06/2023

I made and hosted this project an entire year ago (at about the same time I made and hosted this website). I took a year to post it because... ???

Yeg Records parses the Edmonton City Council Meeting Minutes from With that data the site posts updates through Mastodon at and through RSS. Yeg Records also allows for the meetings to be better searchable.

This was my first project that actually did something useful which is cool. I stumbled upon the city council's escribemeeting page when trying to find if Edmonton had ever voted to condemn Quebec's Bill 21 (I saw on the Bill's wikipedia page that Calgary City Council had condemned it and I wanted to add Edmonton so that Calgary wouldn't get all the glory). Edmonton had indeed condemned the bill and searching for it got me to the escribemeetings page where it was documented. I thought it was really cool that all the meeting minutes were publicly available but also a huge shame that I was probably 1 of less than 100 people who actually knew about it.

Even if was the only one I still thought about how cool I would be if I stayed up to date on the meetings. I could be knowledgable on local politics - the most overlooked level of goverment. I could know things that weren't even being reported on! I quickly became discouraged though when I realized this would involve searching for that website everday and then reading a long document if there was a new meeting. Thats when I had the idea for Yeg Records.

Making a website that parsed the escribemeetings to create an rss feed with quick outlines of the meetings would mean I could be automatically updated on the activies of the council without actively having to type up a url to read a long document. If I also made a twitter bot then maybe I could even get other people updated and involved in municipal governance!!! I then made a Mastodon bot instead for pretty obvious reasons...

Please contact me at on Mastodon or through email at if you have any problems or suggestions for this project!!!