Obligatory First Year Stress

I fall and fall and fall. And they chase and chase and chase.

Homework is constant. Its a weekly cycle of shit to do. I know some future self of mine will look back with contempt at my complaining,

"You think what you are doing is difficult? Try 2nd/3rd/4th/5th year/having an actual job/getting a PhD/whatever I end up doing with my life."

but shut up future me. This is all new right now. I've never had to so much to do. I've never had a job. I've never lived alone. I've never taken a single university class before this. Everything is new so I have a right to complain and be stressed and fail a lot and be kinda sad about failing and worry about not getting my major and imagine a future where my dishwashing job becomes my entire life and be very upset by that idea because dishwashing is very tiring and I'd probably die if I had to do it longer than my two hour shifts so unless I pass my courses I'll probably die, etc etc.

Heres a list of things I'm stressed might happen